RF358PC7-Pressure Cooker (7Ltr) 1X6

RF358PC7-Pressure Cooker (7Ltr) 1X6

Quickly and conveniently cook large quantities of food in the handy 11L Royalford RF355PC11 Aluminum Pressure Cooker. Crafted from quality aluminum alloy with an extra-thick coating, this cooker is lightweight yet highly durable. You need not worry about this cooker bursting accidentally, owing to its multi-safety design.

It also features a three-ply wielding base to ensure optimal heating. Furthermore, handling this Royalford pressure cooker even while its hot is easy, thanks to its ergonomic and heat-resistant handles.


Three-ply wielding base
Multi-safety design
Made of aluminum alloy
Extra-thick coating
Lightweight yet durable
Ergonomic handles
Capacity: 11L

115.00 AED 115.00 AED 115.0 AED

115.00 AED